How to get A free World Of Warcraft Download


World of warcraft is an extremely popular game that many individuals want to pursue, but are often thrown by the price that is associated with it. It normally takes approximately $20 to purchase the Wow software, and then another $14. 99 a month to pay for a subscription to the game. Many people are really hesitant to do this because they are not even sure if they will enjoy the game.

If you are interested in trying out World of warcraft, but are not sure if you are “game”, I will tell you how to get a free World of warcraft download to try out. Buy WoW Classic WotLK Gold  There is nothing required on your end, and absolutely no strings attached!

Blizzard Entertainment knows and understands that many individuals want to “test” a product prior to paying for it. They have also discovered that most people who try this game are immediately hooked – therefore, they now offer a 10 day free trial to World of warcraft for interested players. It is very easy to acquire a free World of warcraft download. First, you will just need to visit the main World of warcraft website that is hosted by Blizzard Entertainment.

Once you arrive to the website, you will see a little advertisement somewhere on the right side of the page that says “World of Warcraft 10-Day Free Trial”. You will want to just click on this to open it up. Once this page opens, you will see a link to the right that says “New to World of warcraft? ” – simply click on the picture above this.

A new page will open, and this is the main page to assist in acquiring your free World of warcraft download. The first thing that you will be required to do is create an account for Wow. When creating this account, everything is completely free. You do not have to enter a credit card number or anything like that. Once this has been completed, you can begin your free World of warcraft download.

You will be issued a link to do this once you have successfully created an account with Wow. When you download Wow for the first time, you will be prompted to download some updates and patches immediately thereafter. Simply walk through this step and follow the onscreen instructions.

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