One Urban Legend at a Time, the Bong Is Exposed

There are bongs of all sizes and forms available. Some are fairly simple, with just a chamber and a bowl. Others are incredible works of art.

Ultimately, all of these devices perform the same function: they filter and chill the smoke created by burning marijuana.

Commonly, dried cannabis is kept in the tiny bowl seen on many water bongs. The marijuana combusts when lit. In the meanwhile, when you inhale, the water in the bong bubbles. On its path to the lungs, smoke travels through water and a chamber during inhalation.

Is it really healthier for the lungs to use them?

Using a bong as opposed to a paper Glass bongs pipe may give a more pleasant experience and a smoother hit.

Using a bong reduces the dryness of a joint, as predicted. The feeling is characterised as being cold, creamy, and pleasant as opposed to unpleasant.

Nevertheless, this notion may be inaccurate.

Even though the smoother smoke is more soothing for your lungs, smoking is still smoking. In addition, you continue to inhale smoke, which is detrimental to your health (details omitted).

There is a chance that some of the undesirable content will be filtered away. Consequently, it will have minimal influence.

This means that many of the claims that water bongs are the “safer” method of smoking are based on false information.

Regarding the objectives of medical research, bong safety has not received much attention. Nonetheless, this may change if and when cannabis is legalised nationwide.

Last words

However, even if you use a bong to chill and filter the smoke, making it seem less harsh than a joint, the health dangers of smoking will remain.

If you’ve been using water bongs often, it may be time to place it on a bookshelf with some beautiful flowers.

If you wish to consume cannabis for recreational or medical reasons, experts advocate experimenting with different routes of ingestion.

CBD may be consumed in a number of ways, including sprays, capsules, oils, and edibles like as chocolates, depending on your preferences and requirements.

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