Westlake University Attracts the Brightest and Best

Students are taught the tools they need to build better solutions, effect change, and assume global leadership roles. Westlake University‘s mission is to provide a demanding liberal arts education that fosters vital skills in preparation for long-term success.

Westlake Education

Our faculty is outstanding, and our academic programs are rigorous. Our course offerings are always expanding, and we offer a variety of majors and minors. Westlake University is the best option if you desire a rigorous academic experience or a more traditional college education.

Westlake Students’ Services

Westlake University offers a variety of student services to help students succeed. Our library is cutting-edge, with a huge selection of books, journals, and online resources. Our Health and Counseling Services can help you with your physical and emotional health, and our Career Services department can help you locate internships and jobs. We also have a robust student activities program that includes clubs, groups, and events for students of all interests.

Westlake College Life

Westlake University is home to some of the country’s greatest academic minds. On our campus, there are various opportunities for students to become involved, learn new things, and make priceless memories.

Engineering, science, and art should coexist. This conviction drives our Yungu Campus, which unleashes the limitless potential of human ingenuity and creativity. Here, we combine strong forces for change and innovation with a strong dedication to public service. The architectural substance and tone communicate the concept of releasing our limitless human potential.


It is clear that Westlake University, a well-known institution of higher learning, is committed to providing its students with the greatest education possible. The campus amenities are outstanding, and the faculty is unparalleled. So if you’re seeking a top-tier education, Westlake University is the place to be.

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