5 Essential Data Storage Tips For Small Businesses

Did you know that 34% said they kept their passwords on paper and 26% on a computer document? Your employee habits are the most important thing to consider if data storage management is important for you.

This is not all. Continue reading to learn more data storage tips that will help you make your business’s data management safer.

1. Backups are crucial

It doesn’t matter how secure your data storage system is, you still need to back it up and update it regularly. What frequency do you need to perform a backup? If you store lots of data, it could be done once per day or more often.

2. Use password protected files

All data should be encrypted Password protection is one way to accomplish this. Although it may be more difficult for employees to remember these passwords, it will make data management easier.

3. How secure is your cloud storage?

No matter whether your cloud provider is private or public Brick and Mortar Businesses, they will take security precautions. Make sure you know what security precautions are in place to ensure that they are effective. You might consider moving to another cloud storage provider if they aren’t.

4. Get a stricter BYOD policy

If your employees bring their own devices to work and don’t take security precautions, secure data storage policies could be ineffective. Any company that allows BYOD (bring Your Own Device) should make sure there are clear rules about how employees handle and store data.

5. Use Multifactor Authentication

One thing you should remember about PB storage is that not all users need to have access to all files. You can set up multifactor authentication for sensitive data so that each employee has access to a different level. This will make your data more secure and safer.

Your employees should be trained on security measures and ensure they adhere to them. Employees are often the most vulnerable to data loss. After a few weeks of diligent training, people become lazy and abandon security measures. Regular training is a must and should be a part of every quarter.

Smart Business Data Storage Tips

You are likely to have other concerns or responsibilities as a business owner. Data storage should not be overlooked as an unnecessary or inconvenient task. This is probably the most important thing that you can pay attention to in this world of hackers and cybercriminals.

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