Important Information Regarding Pomagtor Pogo Pin Connector


Pogo Pin connector, also known as spring-loaded connector, has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, and low cost. It is widely used in precision connectors for mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical, aerospace, and other electronic products and plays a role in the connection.

Definition of Pogo Pin connectors

It refers to all connector components and accessories used in electronic signals and power supplies. Connectors are the bridge of all signals. Its quality affects the reliability of current and signal transmission and the quality of the entire electronic machine. Pogo Pin is a type of connector, and its structure is characterized by a precision spring structure inside. Pogo Pin connectors use probe technology, providing stable connection quality and a lifespan of up to 500,000 times.

Now, Pomagtor provides a series of Pogo Pin connector products. In the connector industry, the Pogo Pin is a special connection technology. In the past few years, this reliable technology has been accepted by some well-known world-class manufacturers and successfully used in their more than 100 electronic products, such as mobile phone batteries and antenna connections, GPS positioning systems, notebook computers, video game equipment, outdoor street lights, hearing aids, radio receivers, etc.

Development trend of Pogo Pin technology

The traditional connector design is limited by physical space, and the terminals will fail due to mechanical stress, repeated insertion and removal, and current overload. Connectors are components of many different plastic and metal parts. Limitations. The following technologies replace or enhance the function of connectors: solder ball connections, hard wiring, cable assembly, IC serialization, and signal conditioning.

The application of connectors will also turn to higher-level packagings, such as from chip packaging to motherboard packaging, to meet the three-dimensional system-in-package requirements of a single IC (IC package level). These factors will affect the connector. In addition, industrial development has a revolutionary impact – higher density chip development, cooperation in system packaging, and connector selection; connector size and shape jump to the next stage.


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