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Schedule of many awaited cricket series has revealed on Monday. 13 international one day matches will take place from 15th September to 28th September in Asia Cup 2018. Venue of Asia cup 2018 is Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi.

There exists two format of Cup first is Sooner or later International and 2nd is T20. Asia cup can be quite famous series in Asian continental. India and Sri Lanka is above with 5 times title winner.

For beginer this cup cricket series was were only available in 1984 with three teams. In current season 5 teams will participate to win title of Asia Cup while India will battle to save title. Currently India have RajaBandot Cup title as winner of 2016 hence India will endeavor to include the same.

In current season of the Cup first-time 5 teams will fight for title because Afghanistan may also play this tournament. India and Pakistan is main challenger within this series. provides complete betting tips, session tips, team news, predictions of Asia cup with good accuracy because we now have good experienced analytic team with us. Certainly this series can give a good venture to earn huge money if you will follow us.

Friends betting in cricket isn’t only a bet on chance or luck but in addition game of skill & mathematics as well. You will find there’s team of professional, specially for Asian cup who will give you complete specifics of betting Odds. It is actually most noteworthy at what time you have to enter or exist from match.

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